Individual & Relational Therapy

Other forms of therapeutic work involve treating individuals or couples are experiencing anxiety, depression, relational struggles, trauma, life cycle transitions, marital conflict, identity exploration, parenting challenges, and PTSD.

Individual Therapy

  • Regulate emotional dysregulation/tolerate distress, improve interpersonal communication

  • Heal from sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological trauma

  • Explore sexual and gender identification-LGBTQIA+

    • A primary focus and joy of my practice is helping folks explore their Queer-ness and Bisexuality; I believe that sexuality is fluid and you are the expert of your sexual identity

  • Improve sexual 'dysfunction':

    • achieve and increase arousal and orgasm

    • relief from painful sex, improve sexual self-confidence, decreased libido, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor health

Relational Therapy

  • Regain an active, fulfilling, and exciting sex life

  • Cultivate eroticism, connection, and intimacy in your relationship

  • Enhance sexual desire, arousal, and pleasure

  • Explore kink and BSDM

  • Heal from relationship trauma

    • miscommunication, loss of desire, infidelity, the impact of normative life cycle stress

  • Navigation/exploration of Non-traditional Relationships (polyamory/non-monogamy)

Medical Family Therapy (MDFT)

I am certified in medical family therapy and I am trained to help you navigate through your experience with chronic pain, chronic illness, post-partum depression or anxiety, infertility, chemical dependency, and various other medical concerns.