Mia Fine Therapy, PLLC

Intimacy and Sex Therapy in Seattle


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What is the relationship between love and desire? How do they relate, and how do they conflict? …Therein lies the mystery of eroticism.
— Esther Perel

Is sex therapy for you?

Are you hoping to strengthen your relationship, increase arousal and desire, improve intimacy, or explore aspects of your own sexuality? Would you like to enhance your sex life? Are you curious about expanding your relationship and seek strategies to do so with grace and care? You are not alone in your growth transformation and quest for a more meaningful life.


Relational Therapy

  • Regain an active, fulfilling, and exciting sex life

  • Cultivate eroticism, connection, and intimacy in your relationship

  • Enhance sexual desire, arousal, and pleasure

  • Explore kink and BSDM

  • Heal from relationship trauma

    • miscommunication, loss of desire, infidelity, the impact of normative life cycle stress

  • Navigation/exploration of Non-traditional Relationships (polyamory/non-monogamy)

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Individual Therapy

  • Regulate emotional dysregulation/tolerate distress, improve interpersonal communication

  • Heal from sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological trauma

  • Explore sexual identification-LGBTIA+

    • A primary focus and joy of my practice is helping folks explore their Queer-ness and Bisexuality; I believe that sexuality is fluid and you are the expert of your sexual identity

  • Improve sexual 'dysfunction':

    • achieve and increase arousal and orgasm

    • relief from painful sex, improve sexual self-confidence, decreased libido, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor health