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“Better Sex through mindfulness” by Lori Brotto

When I work with clients experiencing sexual dysfunction or low sexual desire, I ask folks to recall a recent and pleasurable sexual experience. Often, the responses include words and phrases such as “present”, “intimacy”, “in tune with each other”, and “connection”. During these encounters, folks express feeling fully-present and fully aware of the sensations felt in their bodies. 

How do we turn our focus away from the never-ending long to-do lists in order to cultivate sexual desire? Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness, being present in the moment, is the key to unlocking sexual desire. 

“We have abundant evidence that distraction and inattention can interfere with sexual arousal and that people with sexual difficulties may have attention impairments that contribute to their sexual concerns. Can mindfulness increase attention and boost sexual functioning? The answer is most definitely, yes!” (Lori Brotto in Better Sex Through Mindfulness)

Mindfulness can help unlock sexual desire by cultivating attention, being present in your body, and experiencing the sensations of being fully alive.