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One of the best parts of my job is helping people improve their quality of life by exploring what is uniquely pleasurable to them. In my efforts to help people explore and experience pleasure and sexual wellness, I have partnered with Lovers. You’re welcome to use the discount code MIAFINE to receive 20% off for unlimited use!

Additionally, I will be donating a portion of profits from this discount code to a rotating series of sex positive organizations that encourage sexual health and wellness.

Having a great sex life is a quality of life issue. We have this one life that we know of, so let’s make it pleasurable!

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Challenge Your Sex-pectations

Does your own concept of sex mean penetration? Does it always lead to orgasm? Or is it any activity that elicits pleasure? Does sex have to involve genitals? Or is it simply erotic touch? Can you have sex solo? Or does it involve a plus one, or a plus two?

Sex might mean something different to you than it does to me. What’s important is that we understand what sex means to us individually, not only to share this info with our partners, but also so we can better know ourselves.

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Reigniting the Erotic

In exploring eroticism, I invite you to think about times when you were erotically charged. How did you feel? Was the erotic experience sensual, kinky, comfortable, passionate, loving? Did you share this experience with another person, or were you solo in your pleasure? Were you fully present in the moment? Were you in fantasy? ….

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This the the first pleasure product I’ve reviewed and now I just feel badly for the others…

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Sex and Stress

When it comes to managing stress (and thus the effect it has on our sex lives) it boils down to what we tell ourselves. If the internal itty-bitty-shitty-committee is telling us “you’re not good enough”, our super power strength needs to be louder and stronger with self-compassion leading the way.     

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